ON the go: Keto edition

We’ve all been there (the drive thru, that is). Whether you need something quick or need a break from cooking, fast food is a dependable option to get food for everyone. Stuck at work late? No time between school and practice? Meeting friends for drinks and dinner? There’s a lot of places that you can […]

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Squeeze the day

When life gives you lemons, spritz them on wild caught salmon and fresh asparagus to enjoy the benefits of omega-3s, vitamin B, and potassium. Lemons are a great touch to have in any diet because of their alkaline components. Lemon juice can be added into your water (which you should be drinking a gallon of […]

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Keto Coffee

Coffee is an important way to start any day – eating keto or not. If you’ve been to a coffee shop lately you’ve noticed there isn’t just one way to get your coffee anymore. For the particular diet were doing, coffee can be a real big jump-start to getting through your day (while consuming enough […]

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|MEAT| the couple

Kurt and I (Audry) met on a bumble date in August of 2017. We hit it off immediately. We went from 0 to 100 (real quick) and it seemed like we were made for each other (literally). One day when we went out to dinner we were checking our astrological horoscope compatibility to see if […]

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